15 July 2011

Sick day

We're in the most tiring stretch of the program: the final rehearsals, and the openings, of our three productions. Last night was the opening night of Idomeneo; next week Little Women and L'√Čtoile kick off. These are busy times!

I watched the Idomeneo production with a great deal of admiration and pride - I was rather amazed at what they were able to create with few people, few means and little time. But by the second act I could also feel something far less pleasant brewing as my nose began to run. I was coming down with a head cold.

via cuteoverload

I was was granted permission to miss today's rehearsal run and instead stay at home. The woman with whom I am doubled graciously filled in for me, and I've been staying in bed sleeping and reading The Imperfectionists. Fittingly, my character has a short aria about sneezing, so let's pretend I'm working on my interpretation. Friends, I am quite determined to be in fighting shape within a few days as we head into dress rehearsals!

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