01 July 2011


I love breakfast, and I always have. In part it's because I've always been a morning person, and a hungry morning person at that. When I was little, I relished this early meal because it meant I could eat anything I wanted: leftovers from the night before, soft-boiled eggs in hotel rooms, thick wedges of camembert... I've always been able to digest just about anything at any early hour. (I also had a period of ostrich-meat cheeseburgers.) When I first went out for an American breakfast, I was amazed and overjoyed to discover that my penchant for large, hot plates of starch, fat and protein was not so odd after all.

As evidenced by the great big world of websites around me, I'm certainly not the only one who's obsessed. I stare hungrily at the offerings of BKFST, xo breakfast, breakfast for dinner and simply breakfast, to name a few. Issue no. 3 of The Gentlewoman had a small feature on how several women start their mornings. It's no wonder that breakfast is so important to people - apart from physical nourishment, it's the ritual that starts off our day. It says a lot about us as people. For my part, I continue to favor substantial, eclectic breakfasts with a mix of savory and sweet.

Summer breakfast: yoghurt with honey, toasted pain de campagne, nectarine.

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