27 July 2011

For the love of dachshunds

"Cave dog," via Terry Pond.

I've never been a dog owner, and I can't foresee myself becoming one, but I have grown to be quite crazy for dachshunds. When I see one trotting along a sidewalk I can't help but melt a little bit inside. So noble! They just look so good natured with their tiny little legs and their long, curious noses welcoming the world!
Dachshunds in the art world, via This Isn't Happiness.

Running specimens, via A Place To Love Dogs.


  1. I LOVE Daschunds!! They're my favourite breed of dogs, not only because they are ADORABLE, but also because they have such good temperaments :) One day I saw a daschund owner walking it, and it was dressed in a hot dog outfit! He was between "hot dog buns" and had fake mustard and ketchup on him. Best costume EVER ;)
    Belly B :)

  2. the last image is brilliant! i love daschunds, they have such a sweet disposition!

  3. We used to have a daschund mix; she was awesome. Gary Larson also appreciates daschunds; they figure prominently in his comics. Looking forward to seeing you somewhere, sometime. AKA tomorrow in Brooklyn.