26 June 2011

Saturday on the marina

As I had three hours free in my schedule today, I met up with my mother, and we walked from Fort Mason along the marina to take advantage of the fine weather. I proceeded to take pictures of boats with dutiful observance of my family's seafaring history. (Most of us modern generations, I must admit, have long embraced dryer occupations, but we still feel a connection to the ocean.)

Well hello, Bridge!

We rounded back and came to A16 as it was opening, nabbing two walk-up seats for an early dinner before I had to go back for a masterclass.

Beautifully cooked rabbit with wild fennel for my mother.
Monterey squid and halibut over zucchini and eggplant, roasted sunchokes for me.

Back to Fort Mason Center, with one last look at the sea before going into the theater.

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