18 June 2011

Adventures in the dunes

This morning we took a long, adventurous walk in the forest and along the shore in Pebble Beach. Two and half hours later we returned exhausted and fully ready for a lunch by the ocean at Schooner's in Monterey. Let us look back on this périple:

Resting in the forest along Spyglass Hill Golf Course. (Check out my Del Monte Kennel Club Dog Show sweatshirt!)

After a fair amount of to and fro in the woods, we hit the dunes.
Rubber boots do not sand-walking shoes make.
"Maman! Smile for the camera!"
Approaching the shore...
... seemed to take a great deal of time.


  1. Love walking through dunes. Always feel like Mad Max is going to come ripping around the corner. Looks like a lovely hike.

  2. That sounds like such fun! Lovely photos!

  3. Haha seems like you had a ton of fun!! :)

    <3 Belly B