18 August 2011

Saying goodbye: Manhattan from the High Line

I'm deep in nostalgia mode as I prepare to ship off to the midwest. Last night I picked up Joe after work and we walked down the West Side from Columbus Circle. Walking the High Line seemed greatly appropriate. We've been enjoying this park since it opened - the various phases of its building and growing progress throughout the seasons. On a sunny evening like yesterday, it offered stunning views of Manhattan, New Jersey and the river.

In the sunset light...

... and against it.

Both of us share a fascination with the buildings of Manhattan, and the seemingly endless stretches of the its urban grid.


  1. great shots! i like your blog. stumbled on it randomly and i'm glad i did :) check out my blog as well please!

  2. every time i go to new york i mean to take a walk along the high line and never get around to it. i need to! next time. next time it will happen.