23 August 2011

River Bend Farm

Our Massachusetts week-end came to to a close yesterday morning with a walk along the Blackstone River from River Bend Farm in Uxbridge. And what a perfect late summer day it was for a stroll, too!

Contemplating the river.


A good deal of mushrooms are cropping up in the wooded areas. I wish I hadn't lost my handy mushroom field guide (I had a phase).

Blue sky; bit of moon.

Canal lock; the "liquid carpet" effect of growth on the water.


  1. You had a mushroom field guide? I totally could have used that this summer!

    Lovely photos- I just love the calmness of a river.

  2. I wish I lived even remotely near to a place like this, what a dream!

  3. I'll have to add this to my list of places to visit! I love a nice woodsy (& river-y) walk on a beautiful day. Especially if a turtle sighting is involved.