28 August 2011

Hello Ann Arbor!

It was quite a happy coincidence that I booked my flight to Michigan for yesterday morning, as I made it out of the East Coast Imbroglio in the nick of time. (Although it seems Joe & Roommates are having a grand old time cooped up in Brooklyn having Hurricane Brunch - if I were there, they would have a fourth for Spades...)

Coffee toast to my new surroundings.

And so, friends, after several days of packing and fretting I have moved. I kicked off my first day as a Midwesterner with a brunch at Zingerman's Roadhouse (Oh sour cherry preserves!). I still have a good deal to do to move myself into my new digs, but I'm here and ready to start this adventure!


  1. Hi Sophie! We haven't spoken in ages but I'm so happy to hear that you are in Ann Arbor. I went to UM, just left in May, and I think it's a really wonderful place. Zingerman's is of course amazing, I would also recommend Seva and Jerusalem Garden. If you are interested in any Michigan gear/stuff and you go to the MDen on State street, you should ask for Julie Cahill and tell her you went to Castilleja - she's my cousin! Where are you living in Ann Arbor? This is the first summer in four years I'm not headed there, so I'm a bit jealous of you right now! Best of luck with everything.

  2. I lived in Ann Arbor over 40 years ago on Church St. (I'm a friend of your mother and saw your post on facebook! and was compelled to comment!)
    I always loved Ann Arbor.

  3. Moving is a lot of work... I hope you like your new home!!


  4. AHh, that all sounds so exciting! Can't wait to move! Looking forward to pics of your new house! xxxx

  5. i don't even know anyone who has ever been to ann arbor, and yet i've still heard amazing things about zingerman's - i want to go someday.

    i hope everything continues to go smoothly moving-wise & imbroglio is one of my favorite words.